Mar 24 - SongSelect Importing Changes

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With the SongSelect Integration, you can quickly import lyrics or chord charts from SongSelect when adding a new song, arrangement or key. Until today, we made you wait while we imported your chart from SongSelect. Now we'll let you keep working while we wait for your chart in the background.

After you use the SongSelect tab when adding a file, or after you add a new song, arrangement, or key, you'll see a new status message at the top of the arrangement page letting you know your file is importing in the background.

You will need to refresh to see your imported files. (In the next couple of weeks we'll be improving this so they just show up automatically without requiring a manual page refresh). 

Why the Change?

When you request a chord chart from SongSelect, they have to dynamically create that chord chart PDF for you in the right key, with your church's CCLI number and licensing info at the bottom. This generally happens very fast, but occassionally at peak times, like Sunday morning when many churches are all doing this at the same time, it can take a little longer. In rare cases, if enough people were all doing this at the exact same time, it could start to slow down other parts of the site.

With this new method, not only are we not keeping you in the same spot while you wait for the import, our servers also don't have to be stuck while they wait. You get to keep working, and we get to keep working for you, keeping things fast for everone. It's a win win!

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