Feb 5 - Minor Updates

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This week we fixed a couple of small things:

  • Reminder emails. If a person is scheduled to more than one team, each with reminders on the same day, on the web, the single combined reminder email will now show as being from the correct person and match the email signature.
  • Key Change in Lyrics. If you use the built-in Lyrics & Chords editor with either the "Transpose Key" or "Redefine Key" codes, it will no longer include those key change headings in lyrics files.
  • Uploading and linked accounts. If you are logged into one tab, then open another tab and switch to a different linked account, when you go back to the first tab (which is technically not logged in anymore), uploading a file will no longer work. It previously worked, but the file was inaccessible and undeletable.
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