Jan 29 - New Scheduled Person Popup Design

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Today we updated the design of the box that pops up when you click to edit a person scheduled to a plan. The design is not only cleaner, but provides a little bit more functionality than it did before.

The header now shows the primary phone number and email address of the person. If you want to give them a phone call, you don't have to visit their profile page anymore! However, if you do just want to quickly edit their contact info, you can click the Edit button and that will popup right there on your plan. You can click their email address to send them an email, and see the person's permission for this specific Service Type.

We've also given the Notifications section a new timeline design so you can clearly see the progression of notifications. One slight change we made is that after a notification is actually sent and has a timestamp, you can no longer prepare a new notification. When a notification is prepared, the person can no longer see the plan in their Schedule, so preparing a notification after it's already been sent can cause confusion to your users. If you need to nudge someone who hasn't responded to a notification, you don't need to prepare the notification again, you can just click the email button and choose the green toggle at the top to email "All Scheduled People".


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