Campuses & Time Zones

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If you are a church with campuses in multiple time zones, then you'll be excited about this new feature!

Before today, your account could have 1 time zone. This was never an issue when looking at your plans or responding to requests. However, each user has the option to subscribe to their Planning Center schedule so they can see it in their own calendar program and if the they live in a different time zone, the times in that calendar feed would be wrong. This made PCO Calendar Feeds useless for anyone who lived in a different time zone than their main campus.

Today's update fixes that issue with the addition of two linked features. First, Organization Administrators can add Campuses and give them time zones from PCO Accounts.

Then, from within PCO Services, you can edit any folder and assign it to a Campus.

Each Service Type within that folder will now be assigned to that Campus and its time zone. When anyone scheduled to the Weekend Service in your Sydney campus subscribes to their PCO calendar, their times will now be in their own time zone even if your original campus is in California.


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