Nov 12 - Archived accounts

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Today we made a slight change that honestly we should have made a long time ago. The permission that was named "Disabled" is now named "Archived".

When a person is no longer serving at your church, you disable their account. When you do this, the person can no longer log in, they don't show up on your teams, and they don't count as one of the people you are paying for. They do, however, still show up in past plans to keep good historical data. Since you were disabling someone's access to PCO, we called the permission disabled.

As you can imagine (or might not have to), referring to those profiles usually didn't sound right. We had quite a few suggestions asking us to rename this to "Inactive" but we didn't feel that was quite right. First, the word Inactive didn't convey that the person could no longer access their account. Second, we use the word Inactive in PCO People, our membership app at the heart of all Planning Center apps. Just because a person is no longer volunteering in PCO Services doesn't necessarily mean they are Inactive for your entire church.

So after more brainstorming and meetings than seem necessary, we decided on the word Archived. It carries with it the implication that the person is no longer being scheduled, but should stay in your account for historical data, and seems to fit the bill quite nicely.

Nothing has changed other than the name, it still works exactly the same. We're pretty sure we've updated it everywhere that needs to be, including all of our documentation, but in case you find remnants, please let us know!


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