Nov 24 - Viewers and the People page

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By default, users with Viewer permission can view information for all people in your account. (This can be changed.) Until now, they would do this by clicking a person's name on the main people tab, which would go to that person's profile page. The profile page was limited, however, to just the person's contact information.

Now when Viewers click a person's name on the people tab, instead of going to their limited profile page, they'll get a new popup box that just shows contact information. We'll eventually be using this same box in other places, too.

Finally, when Viewers clicked an email address on the people page in the past, it would allow them to send an email through Planning Center, making it look more official than it probably was. Now, when Viewers click that email address, it will open up their default email program where they can still email the person, but outside of Planning Center. 

The behavior for Schedulers, Editors and Admins has not changed. They can still send official emails by clicking a person's email address and will be taken to a full profile page when clicking on a name.

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