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Services LIVE is a powerful tool that involves multiple people across your campuses. Anyone scheduled to the plan can view Services LIVE, but chat and controlling the service timing is based on the service type settings.

Who can use LIVE?





Scheduled Viewer

Control LIVE




Access Chat


Available by default

* Available depending on settings

Control LIVE

Only one person can move between items in the service as they happen. This updates any screens, so it stays in sync everywhere. It also records the time for the LIVE report.

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To record the actual time for each item, select Next when it's time to move to the next item.



You can use these keys to control movement between the items. 

  • Next: use the up arrow, right arrow, page down, or the space bar. 

  • Previous: use the down arrow, left arrow, page up, or Shift+Space keys.

Release Control

You can release control so that someone else can take it. 

release control.jpg


An administrator can take control by clicking the dropdown.

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Using the chat in Services LIVE can be a great tool to communicate with many people simultaneously. Different chat tabs have different audiences. If you watch more than one service at the same time, each service shows in a new tab.


Scheduled Viewers cannot see chat.

If your permissions are higher than Scheduled Viewer, and you're still unable to see chat, clear your browser cache.

Organization Level Chat is viewable for anyone with chat access and is named the same as your church. This chat is handy for communicating with everyone watching.

Service Type Chats are grouped by service type and exclusive to those scheduled in that service type. Each service type chat has its own tab. Use these chats when you need to pass along messages to only those in that service.

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