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Today we've launched a new email composer when emailing from the main People tab or someone's profile. It's got a beautiful new design, a lot of nice interactions, and some new features.

Composing Emails

  1. Choose email templates using the dropdown.
  2. Each person receiving your email is listed. If they have text notifications turned on for this email, they'll have an SMS bubble icon by their name. If they don't have an email address, they are crossed out. Delete people by clicking the X or by focusing the cursor and hitting backspace. Add people by clicking "Add" and typing their name.
  3. The formatting toolbar has a new option to insert mail merge codes.
  4. The Send button shows you how many people will actually be sent your message. This number excludes people in your list that don't have email addresses.

Email Templates

  1. Click the "Email Templates" button at the top right to view them.
  2. Switch to the tab for the type of template you want to make. General & Welcome emails can only be sent from the main People page or individual profiles. Scheduling emails are only sent from within plans (or the Matrix). Signup Sheet emails are only sent from within Plans when choosing the Signup Sheets tab.
  3. If you are an Organization Administrator, when editing a template, you can toggle between "Shared" and "Personal". Shared templates are available for everyone in your account. All other permissions can only create Personal templates.

Emailing from Plans

Right now, the new email composer only works from the People tab and profile pages, not from within Plans or the Matrix. (Your templates still work anywhere.) After everyone has had a chance to get used to it and we've made sure everything is working as expected, we'll be rolling it out to Plans and Matrix.

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