Oct 15 - Adding & Importing People

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Today we've updated the design and improved the way you add people to PCO Services in most places. The main new feature is when importing a person to PCO Services that is already in other Planning Center apps, you now have the option of sending a welcome email, setting their permission, and selecting required tags.

Adding & Importing

When you want to add someone to a Team, you first need to add them to PCO Services. On the main People tab, click add a person and you'll get a search field which can do one of four things.

  1. If the person is already in PCO Services, their name will be in black, and clicking it will take you to their existing profile.
  2. If they are in PCO Services but their account has been disabled, their name will be crossed out and in gray. Clicking their name will let you know you need to upgrade their permissions.
  3. If the person is not in PCO Services, but is in a different PCO app, their name will be in gray, and clicking it will now give you the option of sending them a welcome email, setting their permissions, and specifying any required tags. Before today, it would add them without giving you those extra options.
  4. If the person has never been added to any PCO app, they won't show up at all, and you can click "Create a New Person" which will add them to PCO Services so you can add them to your team. (It also adds them to PCO People, which powers all user accounts for any Planning Center apps.) 

Places You Can Import

You can add and import people from many places in PCO Services. For now, the new design and importing options are only available on the main people tab and the bottom of the people sidebar within a plan. Adding and importing people from other places, like when editing teams or needed positions, will be updated in the future. If you need to import a person and set their options, for now you'll need to do that from the main people page or the plan people sidebar.


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