Oct 13 - Services iOS 2.10 - 3D Touch, Split View, & Universal Links

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This version brings support for iOS9 & iPhone 6s features!

  • Universal links. Tapping links in other apps (like Accept or Decline in scheduling emails) will now take you directly into the Services app. This feature is off the chain!
  • Split view. On iPad in iOS9, you can now run Services in the sidebar and on supported devices, adjust its width for multitasking split view. Split view, by the way, is not the result of bending over too quickly in tight pants.
  • 3D touch launch shortcuts. The iPhone 6s allows you to press firmly on our app icon and access shortcuts to either the next Order of Service in 'My Schedule' or the Media Player for your current or next plan. Next up, 4D touch where we electrocute you, juuuuust a little bit, if you haven’t rehearsed.
  • Peek & Pop. If you have an iPhone 6s, when you are in the People section of a plan, press firmly on a Team to peek and see who is scheduled to that Team. Press harder to pop that Team into full view. Peek & pop. Peek & pop. There's a fountain flowing peek & pop.
  • 2 bug fixes, including a fix for duplicate items and the looping icon sometimes not showing in the Media Player. Let's summarize these bugs as looplicates.





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