Improved: The Add File Popup and New Uses for Text Documents

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Keeping your files organized and sharing them with your team members is one of the main benefits of Planning Center Services. From chord charts, audio files, and videos to stage layouts, text documents, and other PDFs, you can manage many types of files using the Add a File popup. This update streamlines the design of this popup, and allows you to add text document PDFs to plan items, making them available in Music Stand.


The old design had over 10 tabs on the left side with a two-column layout that didn’t play well on most phones. The improved design has been tailored to look good in your desktop browser or phone with a streamlined one-column layout to improve the mobile experience when adding files!

Streamlined Options

All the preexisting upload options have been reorganized and simplified based on where you're adding a file. Depending on whether you are adding the file to a plan, plan item, service type, song, song arrangement, media, or person, the Add a File popup will show three options from this list:

Integrations (Multitracks, PraiseCharts, SongSelect) – When adding a file to a song arrangement, you can import files from any of these integrations.

In the previous version, there were multiple tabs powered by Multitracks. In this improved design, RehearsalPack, Chart Pro, and RehearsalMix have all been combined into one Multitracks tab, meaning you can import files for whichever integration you subscribe to from one place.

Streaming Services – This is where you can search and add links to files on YouTube, Vimeo, Spotify, AppleMusic, or Amazon Music.

File Link If you want to link to a public file somewhere else on the internet, like Dropbox or GoogleDrive, you can add it here.

Stage Layout – When adding a file directly to a specific plan, you can  create a stage layout.

Text Document Create your own text document with rich text formatting, and make it available as a PDF. Text documents already existed, but you could only create them when attaching files to media or people’s profiles. Now, you can also add text documents to Service Types and regular plan items!

If you add a text document to an item in your service, you can see that PDF with all your other chord chart PDFs if you use Planning Center Music Stand!

With this update, you can do everything you could before when adding files from your web browser but more efficiently and with the ability to add text documents to more places!

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