Sep 16 - Services iOS 2.9.3

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Lots of little style updates, iOS 9 compatibility, and MusixMatch lyrics integration.


MusixMatch Integration. If you have the MusixMatch app installed, the media player in our app will have a lyrics button that pops up a screen that can sync lyrics with your audio for many songs in real-time.

It's time to rehearse, okey dokey?
So sing in a high or a low key
To get in the spirit
Just read the synced lyrics
Your own worship-song karaoke!


Lots of style updates, especially the contact page on your profile, to make all pages more visually consistent. 

These screens started out so inspired
But started to look a bit tired
Like Chia Pet plants
And parachute pants
Some things are just meant to expire


Reordering the Order of Service in iOS 9 looks right again. In fact, the whole app is ready for iOS 9, and additional iOS 9 features will be coming soon!

To iOS 9 we’ve progressed
And Services passes the test
But who are we kidding
The reason we’re giddy:
It’s clear when the shift key’s been pressed!

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