Aug 10 - Services iOS 2.9.2 (In-App Help & Bug Fixes)

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Better help features & some little improvements to the media player & songs tab.


  • You can now create and view support request tickets from the Help menu in the left sidebar. It's like your own Bat Signal inside the app. KaPOW!


  • The metronome will now prevent your screen from sleeping. We didn't change any code, we just showed it a scary movie called "Saturday Night Declines."
  • Updated the design for Blockout dates, plan notes, & person tag editing to match the rest of the app. They might as well be models in a magazine, they've been photoshopped so much. 


  • Tiff files will open again, instead of giving an "Oops". If a graphic file picks a fight with your app, you can bet it's a tiff.
  • Fixed the volume sliders in the metronome. They were misbehaving and we just couldn't let that slide. 
  • Audio files attached directly to a Plan or Service Type will now show in the Media Player again. You wouldn't expect a player to be so exclusive.
  • Fixed a sporadic issue where the song key would sometimes be forgotten when editing a plan item. We addressed the elephant in the room, mainly because an elephant never forgets. 
  • You can now delete a key's description from a song arrangement. We do ask that you keep the Star-Spangled Banner in the “Francis Scott” Key.
  • The times assigned to a scheduled person will now update correctly when changing them from a regular team to a split team. When rejoicing over this fix in particular, you'll be doubly right when exclaiming, "it's about time!"
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