Jun 30 - Services 2.9.1 for iOS (Media Player fixes & Team Leaders)

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Services for iOS was updated to version 2.9.1 bringing bug fixes & support for Team Leaders


Scrubbing the media player after minimizing it works again! Some bugs miraculously manage to slip through extensive testing. 

No hiding it, here is the rub
It's sad but we missed a big flub
Like kids in the dirt
Who stain their new shirt
The only good fix is to scrub

Launching the app no longer terminates music playing from other apps.

This one's for the ladies and fellas
Our app was a little too zealous
Behaved like a loon
When hearing your tunes
And shut 'em down 'cause it was jealous

Downloading files in the media player seemed slow because the animation didn't start until the first file had finished downloading. Now the animation starts right away. 

Our downloader seemed it was slowing
You couldn't tell if it was going
Like swans on a lake
No visible shakes
But under the surface all flowing

Skipped songs are now properly being skipped when using forward or back controls while the app is in the background.

Just swipe to skip, our new invention
When open or closed, the intention
It just wasn't healthy
Like most duck-face selfies
Our app was just starved for attention


Partial support for our new Team Leaders feature. If a team's defaults or a person's replies are set to the new 'All Team Leaders' option, you'll properly see that in the app. You can currently change this from 'All Team Leaders' to a specific person using the app, but not the other way around yet.

Replies can now go to more folks
We heard when you asked and invoked
If set from your browser
The app, like a schnauzer
Will sniff out and find it, no joke!

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