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Planning Center just celebrated it's 9th birthday. Interestingly enough, that same day we decided due to many reasons we'll no longer be supporting IE9 in the future.

As we continue to update Planning Center and bring it new features, it is sometimes difficult or impossible to support all internet browsers. You might have noticed that most browsers made in the last 2 years auto-update themselves to ensure you always have the latest version. This is generally great for web developers like us, because it makes many things much easier.

As we're planning out the future of PCO Services, we have big plans. Every browser we decide to support complicates those plans. IE 9 was released over 4 years ago and has since been updated to 2 new major new versions, with a third version just on the horizon. We have a couple of technologies we need to support and they're just not compatible with IE9. Google stopped supporting IE9 back in 2013, and Microsoft, who created IE9, is discontinuing support in January 2016.

So the first thing we do is see how many of our users this will affect. Our analytics show that only 1.5% of PCO users are on IE9 or before. Most likely a significant portion of those users do have the ability to switch to another modern browser like Chrome, so we've decided now is the time.

What is affected now

As of right now, if you are in IE9, you cannot switch to other PCO apps using the app switcher at the top right of the navigation bar. If you have accounts with multiple churches, you also cannot quickly switch between them.

The good news is that even if you have no choice but to stay with IE9, like if you are at a strict organization that doesn't allow you to install new software, you can still switch apps or accounts. To switch apps, just type the name of the app address in the URL bar. If you have linked accounts, you can log out of your current account and log in to another account.

What will change in the future

Starting next week we will be showing a warning message at the top of PCO Services for all IE9 users letting them know that over time, IE9 will become less compatible. Many things will probably still work, but we won't be officially supporting it or making changes so that it will work. For the time being, the site will otherwise continue to work as normal, but as we add new features and redesign pages, they'll probably start to break in different ways.

The only page that will completely stop working in IE9 is Services LIVE. If you try to go to the LIVE version of a plan, you'll get a message saying your browser is not supported. In addition, you won't receive live updates on other pages on the site. For example, if you are viewing a plan page and another users adds something to it, you won't see that update unless you refresh the page.

What can I do

If you are an IE9 user, there is good news. Unless you don't have any control over your computer, you can use another browser for free! And it will only take you a couple minutes to switch. Here are a list of modern browsers:

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