Jul 1 - New Navigation & Help

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We've given the main green navigation header a nice update, making it easier to use.

Click the App Switcher in the top left to switch to another PCO App. This worked before, but now you can close it just by clicking anywhere outside the box.

The user section at the top right is much simpler and makes it easy to see your church name. Click anywhere in that section for a button to access your profile, logout, or if you are a part of multiple churches, switch between your linked accounts.

One of the best things about this new navigation bar is that it is much easier to find out where to get help. Anchored at the far right is a nice big question mark that opens up our brand new Help box.

Our help box shows some suggested articles based on the page you are on and lets you search all our articles. If you can't find the article, you can submit a ticket to our support team and even see the estimated response time right from there.

One importing thing to note for some users is that this top bar starts our gradual stopping of support for Internet Explorer 9. There will be a blog post coming soon to explain that more, but this new Top Bar is only partially functional in IE9. All the major things work, but you can't switch apps or switch linked accounts in IE9 due to technical restraints.

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