May 29 - Disable auto-refresh for chord chart editor

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When we released our new Chord Chart editor, clicking the Lyrics & Chords button took you to the old editor, and then you could expand to the new one. We always planned for this to be temporary, but we had many comments affirming that people wanted to go straight into the new editor.

The only problem with the new editor is that because of the way it auto-refreshes the preview, it could feel slow. While it was refreshing you could continually type in the left pane, so it wasn't slower, but psychologically you kind of wanted to wait for it to refresh before you kept typing. But when you're making lots of changes and don't care about the preview, that could really slow down your process.

To fix that, we've added a new "Auto-refresh" button. By default it is turned on, but when you disable it, you can type as much as you want without being bothered with the refreshing preview. Changing other settings, like formatting or transposition, will cause a one-time refresh, but auto-refresh for typing will stay off until you turn it back on again, even when editing other chord charts. If you never want the preview, turn it off once, and it will stay off for good.

We hope this change combines the power of the new editor with the speed of the old one to give you the best of both worlds.


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