Jun 29 - Music Stand iOS 3.3 - Print Annotations & Linked Account Switching

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Music Stand for iOS was updated with support for printing annotated PDFs and quick switching of linked accounts.


  • The Share button lets you print the pdf you're currently viewing. This will include any annotations you have made on that pdf too! Just tap the name of the pdf on the toolbar (where Zoom & Reorder are) to see the Share button.
  • A new account switcher lets you switch between your linked accounts! Tap on your name at the top of the sidebar menu and a tray will slide down giving you instant access to accounts you’ve linked using the same username & password.


  • Looped "start" and "end" points will not reset when switching between the audio toolbar & full screen player when you tap "playlist"


  • Audio player's scrubber tool will still work if you go to the full screen audio player/playlist
  • Annotations won't be lost if you force quit the app while Offline
  • Updated the link to our online documentation
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