Jun 17 - Team Leaders & Sending Replies to Multiple People

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Today we released a huge new feature called 'Team Leaders'. In summary, you can now set multiple leaders for each team which allows you to have scheduling replies go to more than one person.

Add Team Leaders from the corresponding new tab when editing a Team. Team Leaders can each have their own settings for if they want to receive Accept emails or Decline emails. In addition, if you add a Team Leader whose permission is lower than a Scheduler, they will be upgraded to Scheduler for this Service Type.

Adding Team Leaders 

When setting your team default settings or when scheduling a person, you can choose "All Team Leaders" as the "Replies To" option. When a person clicks accept, their responses will go to All Team leaders with the Accept box checked. When they click decline their decline/rescheduling email will go to all Team Leaders with the decline box checked.

If Leader A uses the decline/rescheduling email to schedule someone in their place and then Leader B tries to do the same, it will let them know the position has already been filled (unless there are additional needed positions).

We've added a filter on the main people page to help you see all Team Leaders, and there is a new filter in PCO People Lists to help you do the same.

You can get more info from our support article on Team Leaders.

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