May 5 - Full-Screen Chord Editor

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Today we're very excited to release our new full-screen chord chart editor with page preview. As you type your lyrics and chords on the left, your exact PDF will update on the right, helping you see where lines, columns, and pages break. You can preview your chart in the original key, or use the View options to preview it any key!

But we didn't stop there. Above the editor is an options menu including buttons to insert page breaks, column breaks, and the code to help you remember how to bold or italicize words or phrases. It also has links to other pages where you can find other codes available, and a button to import lyrics from SongSelect by CCLI if your account is integrated.

While using the full-screen editor, your changes are saved automatically as you type, so there's no need to click a save button. If you make changes and decide you'd rather undo them all, you can choose "Revert All Changes" from the Options menu. That will undo all changes made since you first opened the full-screen editor.

For now, after opening the Lyrics & Chords box, you can click the expand button to enter the full-screen editor. After it's been released for a while, we plan to take you to the full screen version right when you click the button, but we didn't want to scare you with too much too soon. :)

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