Jun 3 - Needed Position & Note Shortcut Keys

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The plan page has had shortcut keys for years now. This allows you type a single letter on your keyboard to trigger an action. For instance, just hit S, and the New Song popup will appear! 

Some customers pointed out that we were missing a shortcut key for Needed Positions. Since Needed Positions are used in so many ways, we knew we needed to give it a shortcut key, but N was already being used to add a Note. The problem was, there really was no other memorable option for Needed Positions, since P was also already used to add a person.

So we started monitoring how often each of the keys were used, because we suspected the N key wasn't being used that often. The results did prove that hypothesis. The N key was the 2nd least used and most of its uses were accidental.

As a result, we've officially reclaimed N to trigger Needed Positions and we've assigned Notes to the O key. Happy triggering!

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