Jun 2 - New Audio Player for iOS & Android

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Services for Android and iOS has been updated with a great new audio player and the ability for editors to assign rehearsal times to split teams.


  • Full screen audio player & toolbar - The audio player now goes full screen to give you more room for controls, but can keep a mini toolbar on top of all other screens to quickly take you back. What is this toolbar, a media player for ANTS?!
  • Audio looping - Drag the start and end markers to repeat the same section, the same section, the same section for rehearsing.
  • Skip songs in playlists - Swipe any track left to set it to skip in your playlist. You might as well name each song “To My Lou” since you can Skip it so easily.
  • Download all files - Songs save within the app after you play them once, but now you can download them all at once to cache them for offline use. What other app update notes can promise to increase your cache flow!?
  • Artwork - View large album artwork on your lockscreen, control center, or by tapping the artwork thumbnail in the media player. How can you truly rehearse without seeing a picture of other people’s hands?
  • Redesigned metronome (iOS only) - The metronome gets a new look that scales to fit any size device. We worked on our scales, so you can practice yours.


  • You can link rehearsal times & other times to specific service times. This allows you to easily assign your 8:30 prayer only to 9:00 service volunteers. ♫ If you’re lost, you can look, and then you can link….times to a time. ♫


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