Apr 30 - Updates in sharing with Facebook

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As of today, April 30, 2015, Facebook has changed how they allow apps to share content and we've changed the way we share to Facebook as a result.

PCO Services has a feature where you can share your worship set very easily on Facebook. Before today, when you clicked the Facebook share button, we opened up our own popup and pre-populated it with text, specifically the song titles in your plan. But with their new rules, we are not allowed to put any text in that text box, even though we allowed you to edit it before posting.

In addition, in order to let you share, we must provide a link for people to click. Each plan has a special Public Access mode you can enable. This makes a special version of the plan that anyone, even people without a PCO login, can access. Even before today, if you had enabled that public plan, when you shared to Facebook we included a link to that public plan. Now that we must include a link, we can no longer allow you to share to Facebook unless you first enable Public access.

When you hover over the share link at the top right of your plan, make sure you Enable public access, then click on the Facebook link, and your worship set will be shared with a link to that public plan. The good news is that because of this mandatory change, it has pushed up our plans to allow some minor customization of the public plan page, so you can look forward to that in the next couple of weeks!

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