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Planning Center cannot report to CCLI for you automatically, but if your account administrator enables CCLI Reporting for your account, you will be able to manually log your song usage throughout the year. When your reporting period comes around, the CCLI Report will make it easier to get the correct information.

This report is not automatically sent to CCLI. However, you can use this information, all in one place, to easily report to CCLI. For more information, visit

Watch the video to see how easy it is to report to CCLI or follow the steps below to enable reporting on your account.

This article will show you how to report based on activity. To learn how to report based on licenses. check out our Licensing Report.

To access the Services Settings, click the gear in the upper right corner of a Plans page in the root level of the account or a folder, and then click Services Settings.

Only Organization Administrators can access Services Settings. It is possible to be a regular administrator and not an Organization Administrator.

In the Integrations box, enter your CCLI Number, save by hitting enter, then select Enable CCLI Reporting.

To change your CCLI Number, select the current number, and it will become editable text.

When you schedule a song to a plan, you'll see the CCLI Reporting box at the bottom of the item.

Now when scheduling a song to a plan, you will see this yellow box

Enter the number of Digital, Print, Recording, and Translation activity in every plan for every song, according to their Reporting Categories, in order to have an accurate report to submit to CCLI.

When it's time to submit the report to CCLI, go to the Songs page and hover over reports.

When it's time to report to CCLI

Select the CCLI Copy Report and enter the dates and Service Types you're reporting on.

Enter the dates and service types you wish to see.

Select Accept to be taken to the report.

Recorded CCLI data is only saved for 2 years. Attempting to run a report for a date greater than 2 years in the past will reset the From date field.

Report is Generated.
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