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It's essential to report your song usage to the licensing agency. If you are using CCLI for this, you can either automatically report your usage directly to CCLI or manually report it by running a CCLI Copy Activity report and inputting those numbers into their website.


Editors and above can view the integration settings, record song usage, and run reports, but only Organization Administrators can enable the CCLI integration.

Enable CCLI Reporting

To enable CCLI reporting, click the gear in the upper right corner of the Songs page and select CCLI Settings.

CCLI settings_arrow.jpg

Set up the CCLI Settings in the modal.

modal_CCLI settings_numbered.jpg
  1. Select this button to link the CCLI account from the Song File Integrations page to CCLI reporting.

  2. Check the box to enable auto-reporting

Auto-Report to CCLI 

If enabled, your song usage for the previous week is automatically reported to CCLI each Monday. Auto-reporting covers Streaming and Copyright licenses, but it does not cover the Rehearsal License or the Streaming Plus license subscriptions. Here are some tips to ensure the best accuracy:

  • Be sure that your plans accurately reflect what songs you used, as you can modify this until it is reported.

  • Songs without a CCLI number are not included in auto-reporting.

  • Each song used in the week is only counted once, regardless of how many campuses or service types it was used in.

Record Song Usage for Manual Reporting

Report song usage in each plan when you reproduce the words of a song for a worship service (i.e., project, type out, copy and paste).

CCLI reporting_numbered.png
  1. Select the song in a plan.

  2. Go to the Song tab in the Edit Song panel.

  3. Tally the occurrence for each type of usage, and then press Enter.

Generate a CCLI Report for Manual Reporting

When submitting the report to CCLI, go to the Songs page, click the reports icon, and select CCLI Copy Activity.

ccli copy activity_arrow.jpg

To generate the report:

  1. Select the Service Types from the dropdown that you want to include in the report.

  2. Set the dates for the reporting period.

  3. Select Generate Report.

modal_CCLI copy activity.png


Recorded CCLI data is only saved for two years. Attempting to run a report for a date older than two years in the past will reset the From date field.

Your report will look like this:

ccli copy report.jpg
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