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The Top Songs list shows the most popular songs planned across all churches for the next couple of weeks. It also shows last week's Top Songs and allows searching results by title, theme, author, or copyright.

Access the Top Songs Box

On the Songs page, click Add a song in the top right corner.

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From the Add Song box, click View Top Songs.

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The Top Songs Box

Select a tab to see the top songs, so far for that day. Notable dates like Good Friday or Easter are labeled.

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  1. Search the song list by title, theme author or copyright. The songs in the search results are ranked according to their position on the selected date.

  2. Songs are ranked by how many different churches used the song on the date that you chose. The rankings to the right of the song show how much more or less popular the song was compared to last year.

Click a song in bold to go to that song in your account. Click a song that isn't bold other to quickly add it to your account.

How song rankings are determined

Songs are ranked by the number of different churches who schedule the song, and they are compared to the same or similar date as the previous year.

  • A positive number means that the song is more popular than it was last year. For example, +1 means that song is 1 spot more popular this year than it was last year.

  • A negative number means that the song is less popular than it was last year. For example, -2 means it is two spots less popular than last year.

  • A New label means that the song wasn't in the catalog last year.

  • A dash (-) means the song is in the same position.

Top Songs are recalculated every night, but because most churches don't have songs planned more than a couple weeks ahead of time, the later weeks have less data to draw from and will see more drastic changes as that week approaches and more churches add songs to their plans.

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