Song Sequences

This lesson shows you how to add a song sequence to the arrangement of your song. Sequences show on the top of your PCO chord charts (not uploaded pdfs), and organize your lyric slides for PCO Projector.

Edit from an Arrangement

From the main songs tab, click the name of an arrangement.

On the Songs tab, click on the arrangement of your song that you wish to add or edit the song sequence for.

Click the sequence summary to edit it.

Click Sequence

If you don't see Sequence, make sure you are on a specific arrangement by clicking on an Arrangement tab on the left.

Order your sequence

  • Your sequence is on the left
  • Drag section from the right over to the left to add them to your sequence.
  • Drag and drop section to reorder your sequence.
  • Delete sections from your sequence by hovering over them and clicking the x.
  • Add custom sections by typing in the new section name at the bottom of the right side and hitting enter.

Edit from a Plan

To edit a sequence from within a plan, hover over a song in your Order of Service and click the pencil to edit it.

Edit a Song Item

On the right side of the popup, click the pencil to edit the sequence.

Edit your sequence.

Add elements to your sequence.
  1. To delete one part of the sequence that you already have, hover over it and click the red circle delete button that comes up.
  2. To add a second or third edition of one of your options, just click the 2 or 3 next to it. These will automatically come up after adding one or two of that option to your sequence.
  3. To add your own wording for your sequence, type it in the box, then click add new. Planning Center prints abbreviated sequences at the top of chord charts and shows them in your plans and printouts. If you don't like the Planning Center abbreviation for a section, create a custom section for your abbreviation and use that instead.
  4. Link with arrangement sequence to save these changes back to the arrangement for use in the future. Lik with this item only if you want to change the sequence for this plan only and don't want it to save for other plans.

Click Accept when finished.

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