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Add a song sequence to the arrangement of your song. Sequences show on the top of your chord charts (not uploaded pdfs).

Create or edit a sequence from an arrangement on the songs page or from the song on a plan.

Edit from an Arrangement

From the main Songs page, select the name of a song.


In your arrangement, click Create to create a sequence or select the existing sequence summary to edit it.



Sequences are created by arrangement, so if you don't see the sequence, make sure you are on a specific arrangement by clicking on an Arrangement tab on the left.

Your sequence is on the left, and labels that match parts of the song are on the right.

  • Drag a label from the right to the left to add it to your sequence.

  • Drag and drop labels to reorder your sequence.

  • Delete labels from your sequence by hovering over them and selecting the X.

  • Add custom labels by typing in the new label name at the bottom of the right side and hitting enter.


Custom labels are only added to that individual arrangement and are removed from the list if not used in the current sequence. If you find yourself adding the same custom label to every song you do, email Planning Center Support with the label idea and the songs you've added it to.

Edit from a Plan

To edit a sequence from within a plan, click on the sequence for the song you want to edit.


Your sequence is on the left, and labels that match parts of the song are on the right.

  1. To delete one part of the sequence you already have, hover over it and click the X.

  2. To add a second or third edition of one of your options, select the 2 or 3 next to it. These numbers automatically appear after adding one or two of those options to your sequence.

  3. To add a custom label, type it in the box, then click the +.

  4. Save these changes to the arrangement for use in the future. Leave this unchecked if it is a one-time change that will not be reused. 

  5. Select Save to save your changes.

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