Allowing MP3 Downloads

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Permissions to download MP3 files depend on the default permissions settings and settings made at the individual song level.

This article contains information on allowing MP3 file downloads. Permissions can also be set for which types of users can download files:

  • For all people in the Services account, Organization Administrators can update the Permissions Settings on the People page.
  • For individual users, Scheduler permissions and higher can update file access from a person's profile.

Change Default Permissions

You can change the default permissions for downloading audio files from the Files page.

Only Organization Administrators can change default download settings for audio files. 

On the Files page, click the gear menu and select Audio Permissions.

Update the download settings.

Change Download or Download Permission settings.
  1. Select Allow Downloads to allow new audio files to be downloaded by default. If this is set to Stream Only, audio files can be streamed, but only people with permissions set in the next field can download them.
  2. Set the user permission for people who can download files. People with this permission can change an individual song setting to allow it to be downloaded, even if the default is only streaming.

Changes to download defaults will only affect files that are added after the update. Previously added files won't be affected.

Change Individual MP3 Settings

People who have permissions to allow audio downloads, as set in Audio Permissions can change individual MP3 settings.

In an arrangement, hover over an MP3 file, and click the pencil to edit it,

Change Individual MP3 Settings

You can also press 'E' on your keyboard when hovering over a file. See other shortcuts by pressing '?'.

Set the download permission to True or False.

Click the Audio Access dropdown.

  • Allow Download will allow users to download this file.
  • Stream Only will not allow the file to be downloaded, only played from within Planning Center.
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