Transposing Chord Charts

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There are two main ways to store chord charts into Planning Center: text or PDF. The way you transpose each type of chart is different. You can also quickly transpose created chord charts from a plan.

Text Charts

Planning Center has a built-in Lyrics & Chords Editor that allows you to create or edit chord charts in text format, which is automatically transposed to any new key (or capo key) you create.

You can access text-based charts in the following ways:

  • Type them from scratch yourself.

  • Copy and paste them from somewhere else on the internet.

  • Buy them from PraiseCharts and import them.

  • Import the lyrics from SongSelect, and then add the chords yourself.

After your text chart is entered, it is available as a PDF file for every key you create.

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Quick Transpose

When your team members access PDFs that you create from text files from within a plan or within the Music Stand mobile app, they can use the Quick Transpose feature to instantly change the chord to any key, numbers, or just lyrics.

Click on a song to access the song drawer, hover over the file in the Files tab, and click the musical note.

transpose chart_arrow.png

Click a key to download that chart or download a number or numeral chart.

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PDF Charts 

If you download, purchase, or create PDF files, you can store them in Services with the rest of your song files. Those PDF files cannot be transposed within Planning Center. However, there are two ways that you can get these files in a new key.

When you add a key to an arrangement, you have the option to import SongSelect (and PraiseCharts if subscribed) charts at the same time, and if you specify a capo key, you’ll get charts in the main key and each capo.  

You can also click the plus button on an arrangement to add a file, navigate to the SongSelect or PraiseCharts tab, and import them in your chosen key at any time.

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