Transpose Chord Charts

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When you create charts in the editor, they are transposed to any new key (or capo key) created on the song. You can also quickly transpose chord charts on Music Stand for iOS or Android.

Create Charts in the Editor

You can create charts in the editor in the following ways:

  • Type them from scratch.

  • Copy and paste them from somewhere else on the internet.

  • Buy them from PraiseCharts and import them.

  • Import the lyrics from SongSelect, and then add the chords.

After entering the chart in the editor, a chart is created in every key, including the arrangement section, showing the lyrics and number/numeral charts.

transposed charts.png

Transpose on a Plan

When your team members access charts created in the editor, they can change the chord to any key, numbers, or just lyrics.

Select a song to open the details, and then hover over the file and select the musical note.

transpose chart_arrow.png

Choose a key, number, or numeral to download the chart.

choose key.png
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