Scheduling Large Groups

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If you're scheduling a large group of people, you will probably want to schedule the group directly to each plan, rather than using templates that you would need to update constantly if your team changes often.

For example, you might have a choir that has different people that serve each week. You can schedule members of the Choir team separately for each plan that they will serve on.

Within any plan, hover over add people and click Schedule a Team Member.

Inside your plan, click 'Schedule A Person'.

Choose the team that you want to schedule from the dropdown, and then click Add All to Plan.

Type in the name of your group or team, then select it from the list.

When you choose Add All to Plan, you're able to see more information about each person and choose where to schedule them.

Schedule All People for the Same Position
  1. Click schedule each person to a separate position if you want to schedule them to different positions.
  2. To schedule everyone to the same position, use the dropdown menus to choose the Team, Position, Status, and Replies To Person.
  3. Make sure that Prepare Notifications is checked if you want to send scheduling emails.
  4. Hide people who have conflicts. You can also view a user's conflicts by hovering over their name.

When the information has been edited, click Accept.

If you choose to schedule each person to a separate position, the software looks to see if each person has been scheduled in this particular Service Type in the past and choose the same team/position they were scheduled to most recently. This way if you are scheduling people to different positions, you usually have to set it one time, but then the next time you do it, it will know which position they are supposed to be scheduled for.

If you choose schedule each person to a separate position, you'll be able to choose the Team, Position, Replies To Person, and Status separately for each person. Click Accept when you are finished making your changes.

Or Schedule each person for a separate position.

Once all of your people are scheduled, make sure you send a notification email, so that people will know they are scheduled and can access the plan. 

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