Scheduling Large Groups

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If you're scheduling a group of people who are not part of a Team, you'll want to schedule them in a specific way. However, if the group is part of a team, add them to a template and import the template to your plans instead.

Within any plan, hover over add people and click Schedule Any Person.

Inside your plan, click 'Schedule A Person'.

Search for a tag or a person's name in the text field or click one of the appropriate buttons to browse through options.

Type in the name of your group or team, then select it from the list.

This box displays all the people that have been assigned to a specific tag. To schedule all these people at once, click Add All to Plan.

Click 'add all to plan' in the bottom right corner.

When you choose Add All to Plan, you're able to see more information about each person and choose where to schedule them.

  1. Click schedule each person to a separate position if you want to schedule them to different positions.
  2. Use the drop-down menues to schedule all the people to the same Team (Category), Position, Status, and Replies To Person.
  3. Remove people who have a conflict. You can also view a user's conflicts by hovering over them.

When the information has been edited, click Accept.

Schedule All People for the Same Position

If you haven't created Teams or Positions to schedule these people for, you'll need to do that first.

If you choose schedule each person to a separate positions, you'll be able to choose the Team, Position, Replies To Person, and Status.

Or Schedule each person for a separate position.

Once all of your people are scheduled, make sure you send a notification email. If you don't, they won't know they have been scheduled and won't be able to access the plan (unless they have a high enough permissions). 

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