Scheduling Large Groups

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If you're scheduling a large group of people, you will probably want to schedule the group directly to each plan, rather than using templates that you would need to update constantly if your team changes often. For example, you might want to schedule all members of a choir who are available for a given week.

Within the Teams tab of a plan, click the Actions button and select Add People.

Inside your plan, click 'Schedule A Person'.

Filter the list to show team members.

The list of people to schedule is automatically ordered by with people who have no conflicts and have the longest time since they last served at the top of the list.

  1. Select the Team Member tab.
  2. Choose the team from the dropdown.
  3. Click add multiple.

Select team members and positions.

  1. You can either choose individual team members to schedule or click the box at the top to select all team members.
  2. Positions default to the last position the person was assigned to on the team. If have more than one position on the team, you can also select the position that you want to schedule the person for.

Selecting all team members will also select team members with conflicts. If you don't want to schedule people with conflicts, you can deselect them before scheduling people to the plan.

Assigning Positions When Scheduling

When scheduling a person, you have the option of assigning a position:

  • In the Team Member list, you'll have the option to assign the person to any position on the current team.  
  • In the Guest list, you'll have the option to assign the person to any position on any team in the Service Type.

The default position shown in the position column is the first position on that team that a person was assigned to. If a person isn't assigned to any position on that team, then it shows the last position they were scheduled to on that team.

When you are finished selecting people, click Add.

Type in the name of your group or team, then select it from the list.

Once all of your people are scheduled, make sure you send a notification email, so that people will know they are scheduled and can access the plan. 

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