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Templates let you get your work done faster by saving a snapshot of things you reuse. You can create a separate template for each team or create a template with combined teams and service items. After creating a template, you can import or export it to a new or existing plan.

To go to the Templates tab, click Templates from the gear menu in a Service Type. 

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From the Templates tab in the Service Type, you can:

  1. Add a new template.

  2. Click a template to edit.

  3. Delete a template.

Add Template

Create as many templates as you need, and then import or export them when creating a new plan, or even any time after it's created.

To create a template, click Add template, type the name of the template, and press Enter.


Choose a name that will define when to use your template. For example, include the weeks of the month that the template will be used.


You will be taken to a new template page, where you can make edits to the template.

Edit a Template

If you're not already on your template, click the name of the template in the Service Type Templates tab to make changes to it.

  1. If you have people who volunteer in the same position most weeks, you can cut back on redundancy by adding needed positions or scheduling people to make scheduling easier.

  2. Plan notes pertain to the whole plan. If you want a note to carry over to other plans, add it to your template.

  3. Edit the name of your template by clicking the current name and typing a new one.

  4. Export/copy this template, clear the order, delete this template, or see the collaborators from the Actions button.

  5. Add an item or import information from another template or plan.

  6. Click on an item to edit it.


Times don't live in any templates. They come from the frequency of your Service Type and the last known Plan Times. When you create a new plan, it takes the times from your last known plan and replicates it according to the frequency.

Once you've finished editing your template, you can import it to a plan!

Delete a Template

From the Templates tab, hover over a template and click the red minus to delete it.

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Templates cannot be recovered once they're deleted; however, you could export a plan where you used the template in order to get some of the information back!

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