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Create templates that include people, notes, and items and edit them to keep them updated. Then add the template to new or existing plans. You can also delete them if you plan to never use them again.

From the Plans tab, click templates at the bottom of your Service Type to be taken to a list of all the templates.

Click on Templates

Add, edit, or delete templates from the Template tab in the Service Type.

1. Add Template

To create a template, select Add template and type the name of the template. Hit enter to begin editing your template.

Enter the name of the template

Make sure to choose a name that will define when to use your template!

2. Edit Template

To edit a template, select the title of template, which will take you to a page that looks just like a plan. You can do lots of things on this page and then add it to a plan.

Add to your template
  1. If you have people who volunteer in the same position most weeks, you can cut back on redundancy by scheduling people or adding needed positions to make scheduling easier.
  2. Plan notes pertain to the whole plan, so if you want a note to carry over each week, add it to your template.
  3. Edit the name of your template by selecting the current name and typing a new one.
  4. Import information from another template or plan or export this template and save it as a new template or a new plan, even in another Service Type.
  5. Add a header, item, media, or song by hovering over add an item.

Times don't live in any templates. They come from the frequency of your Service Type and the last known Plan Times. When you create a new plan, it takes the times from your last known plan and replicates it according to the frequency.

Once you've finished editing your template, you can add it to a plan!

3. Delete Template

From the Template tab, hover over a template and select the red minus to delete it.

Click on Templates

Templates cannot be recovered once they're deleted; however, you could export a plan where you used the template in order to get some of the information back!

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