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People with Scheduler permissions or higher can use the auto-scheduler to automatically fill in needed positions, based off of when people were last scheduled.

Check out this clip from Planning Center University.


Schedulers can only auto-schedule teams that they lead. If a scheduler needs to auto-schedule a team, they will need to be added as a Team Leader. If they don't want to get scheduling notifications, they can turn off all their Team Leader notifications.

Auto-Schedule Your Teams

1. Set Up Positions and Last Scheduled Date

Set up the Matrix with the plans you want to schedule people to, and then add any additional needed positions that you want to schedule.

Hover over the plan at the top of the Matrix and click needed positions to make any adjustments.

needed positions.png

Once needed positions are set up for each plan, check the Team Settings to make sure that the last scheduled date is coming from the right place.

2. Run the Auto-Scheduler

To confirm which teams you're scheduling, click auto-schedule.


Teams included in the current matrix view that you are also a leader for will be shown.

  1. If you are a Scheduler, the teams you can auto-schedule are listed. To exclude a team from auto-scheduling, click the x.

  2. If you have higher permissions than Scheduler, you can click Add to add other teams that you want to include in the auto-schedule.

Click Submit to start scheduling.

Auto-Scheduling follows this order when prioritizing people to schedule:


The auto-scheduler won't fill a position if everyone has a scheduling preference, conflict, or blockout date.

Undo Auto-Scheduling

If the auto-scheduler didn't give you the results you needed, you can undo the assignments before you leave the page.

To undo the auto-scheduling:

  • Click auto-schedule again.

  • Click the Undo Auto-schedule button.


All the people you just scheduled will be undone, and then you can make any changes before re-running the auto-scheduler.

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