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Create customized email templates for General Emails, Scheduling Emails, SignUp Sheet Emails, and Welcome Emails, and apply the template to emails that you send your teams.

Only Organization Administrators can create and edit shared templates.

To create or edit a template, click Edit Templates at the top of any email window.

Click "edit email templates" at the bottom of any compose email window

Create an Email Template

There are four types of email templates:

  • General Emails are only available on the People Tab or if you're contacting an entire team from the Team Settings. 
  • Scheduling Emails can only be sent from a Plan or Matrix and include buttons with links to take people back to the Plan.
  • Signup Sheet Emails are only available on a Plan or Matrix when Signup Sheets are enabled. These also include a button that takes people to the signup page.
  • Welcome Emails can be found when creating a new profile, emailing an individual, or contacting an entire team from the Team Settings.

Blockout Requests are stored under the General Email Templates.

Create or Edit an email template
  1. The tabs on the top allow you to see information about the different kind of email templates.
  2. Select the name of a template to edit an existing template.
  3. Any template with the shared stamp will be available for others as well. If there is no stamp, you are the only one with access to that template.
  4. To create a template, go to the tab for the type of template you want to create, and then click Create Template.

Edit Your Email Template

After you select a template, you can make changes to it.

Edit Your Email Template
  1. If you are an Organization Administrator, you can specify whether this template is for you only (Personal) or should be visible to others (Shared). Once created, shared templates are available for everyone in your account.
    All other permissions can only create Personal Templates.
  2. Enter the title of the template.
  3. For Scheduling or Signup Sheet email templates, you can choose to use the template title as the email subject.
    This is set automatically for General and Welcome emails.
  4. Type any specific information you'd like to be in the body of the email each time.
  5. The formatting toolbar will help style the email body.
  6. Add placeholders to the body of the email. They appear in the template with {{ }} but are replaced by the actual text at the time the emails are sent.
  7. Switch the email composer to Source Code view, which allows you to see the full HTML code. For advanced users.

When the template is finished, click Save.

Formatting Placeholders

Emails use the Liquid programming language to insert dynamic content into each email, like mail merge. When you send the email, each tag enclosed in {{ }} is replaced with the appropriate content for the person receiving the email:

  • {{to.first_name}} will be replaced with their first name when the email is sent.
  • You can also use {{to.last_name}} or {{}}.
  • Edit your personal signature from your profile page, and it will be inserted at {{from.signature}}.

Email Your People

Choose your new email template using the dropdown.

Choose template

Each person receiving your email is listed. If they have text notifications turned on for this email, they'll have an SMS bubble icon by their name. If they don't have an email address, they are crossed out.

Delete people by clicking the x or by focusing the cursor and hitting backspace. If you are emailing from the People page, you can also add more people by clicking Add and typing their name.


When the To field is set up with all the people that you want to email, click Send.

Email Template Examples

Here are some examples of email templates that you can use.

The following template can be sent to volunteers who have received a background check request.

The following template can be used when you want to inform volunteers that a signup sheet is available.

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