Sending Notification Emails

If dates aren't showing up, or volunteers can't see a plan, it's could be because they didn't receive an email. When you send an email to scheduled people, the plan will show up on the dashboard in My Schedule, and Scheduled Viewers will be able to see the plan.

Click 'Email' or 'Email these people'

An envelope next to a person's name means they have not yet received an email of any kind.

Click email under the team name to send an email to only that team, or click email at the bottom of the Teams section to send an email to all people scheduled to the plan.

Choose Who to Email

Choose Who to Email
  1. Choose Prepared Notifications to only send to people with the envelope icon by their name.
  2. Choose All Scheduled People to email all people scheduled to the plan.
  3. Choose Needed Positions to email people for Signup Sheets. People assigned to positions in teams with signups enabled will be emailed.
  4. Select which statuses you want to email.
  5. Choose which teams you want to email.

Only teams with available people for the options you've chosen will be selected.

Click Accept to create the email.

If you clicked the email button under a team in the previous step, that team will be the only one selected. 

Compose Your Email

Compose Your Email
  1. Anyone who will be sent this email is listed to the left. You can click the red minus sign next to a person's name to exclude them from the email, but you cannot add additional people.
  2. Add the content! 
  3. Choose from customized email templates in the dropdown below the message. You can also edit email templates by clicking edit email templates.

The email sent will additionally include the information on which team(s), position(s), and specific time(s) they are scheduled. Unconfirmed people will have buttons to Accept, Decline, and View This Service, and Confirmed People will have the button to View This Service.

Click Accept to send the email.

Emails use the Liquid programming language to insert dynamic content into each email. When you send the email, each tag enclosed in double curly braces {{ }} is replaced with the appropriate content for the person receiving the email. {{to.first_name}} will be replaced with their first name when the email is sent. You can also use {{to.last_name}} or {{}}. In addition, You can edit your personal signature from your profile page and it will be inserted where you see {{from.signature}}.

Planning Center confirms how many emails were sent
All done!

Since an email has been sent, the icon next to the name, as well as the email button under the team, are gone.

Click on a person's name to check when a scheduling email was prepared, sent, read, and responded. If you see a response,but no timestamp under Read, then the team member or a scheduler responded manually on the website, possibly without the team member ever opening the email.

You can also check the Communications tab in a person's profile to see all emails sent to that person.

You may also find this video about scheduling and emailing your people to be helpful:

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