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When people respond to scheduling emails, their replies go to the person designated in the Team Settings. You can change the default Replies To person for an entire team or override the default for each individual person.

Assign to Team

When you create a new team, the default for the replies will go to the Current Scheduler, the person who adds a team member to a plan or template.

You can change the person who receives scheduling replies from the Replies to dropdown menu in a Team Settings tab.

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After you make your selection, the reply email goes to:

  1. The Current Scheduler, the person who schedules team members to the position in the template or plan. The Current Scheduler will be different, depending on which person schedules the the plan or template.
  2. All Team Leaders listed in the Team Leaders tab.
  3. An individual leader in the Team Leaders list.

In the confirmation message, click Yes, update.


The Replies to person will be updated for anyone from the team scheduled to all upcoming plans in this Service Type, as well as for people who have not been scheduled yet.

Enable Accept or Decline Emails

If the Replies To person is set for Current Scheduler, you can choose whether or not the scheduler receives emails when the team member accepts or declines a position that they have scheduled.

Select or deselect the Accept or Decline checkboxes, depending on which emails you want the scheduler to receive.

Leader preferences for receiving Accept and Decline emails are can be set in the Team Leaders tab in each team.

Assign to Individual

You might need to change the Replies To person for an individual. Some examples of why you might want to do this are:

  • People serving on a team at different times need to respond to different people.
  • When one person or position on a team needs to reply to a different person than the rest of the team.

The Replies To person should be someone who is in charge of rescheduling a position if it is declined.

In a plan, select a person's name to change their Replies To person.

Changing the "Replies To" Option for One Person at a Time

When the Replies To is set to Current Scheduler, the person who scheduled the individual is automatically checked, whether that person is a Team Leader or not. However, you can choose a different team leader or All Team Leaders for this individual.

Click Save to finalize the changes and return to the plan.

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