Replies To Person

When people respond to scheduling emails, their replies go to the person(s) designated in the Team Settings. You can change the default Replies To person(s) for an entire team or override the default for each individual person.

Entire Team

Go to the Team Settings by clicking the gear icon then clicking the pencil next to the team.

Once inside a plan, hover your mouse over the 'Scheduled People' bar, and click on the gear icon.
Hover your mouse over the Team that you need to change, and click on the pencil icon.

You can change the Replies To person and what types of emails they'll receive in the Defaults & Replies Tab.

If you choose Current Scheduler, the reply will go to the person who scheduled the people to that positions in that team, which allows the Replies To to be different for each person based on who scheduled them.

If you choose All Team Leaders, the reply will go to each Team Leaders listed in the Team Leaders tab.

You can also choose a specific Team Leader from that list.

If you use Templates, and your Replies To is set to Current Scheduler, the replies will go to the person who put the people in the Template.

If you'd like to update the Replies To option for people who are already scheduled, check the box next to Update future schedules.


In a plan, click a person's name.

Changing the "Replies To" Option for One Person at a Time

When the Replies To is set to Current Scheduler, the person who scheduled the individual is automatically checked, whether that person is a Team Leader or not. However, you can choose a different Team Leader or All Team Leaders for this individual.

When you're finished making changes, click Save.

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