Scheduling People for Multiple Times

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If you schedule different people at each service time, but you need them to be able to respond to each time separately, follow the steps in this lesson, which will show you two ways to set up your teams.

Split Teams

Setting up your teams as Split Teams is the recommended way to have one set of people serve at one time and a separate group serve at another time. It's still one team, but it schedules different people at each time.

When you are scheduled to serve on a split team, you'll receive a scheduling email. Click Accept or Decline to respond.

Respond to the Scheduling Email

After you log in to Services, you can respond separately to each time.

Log in to PCO Services and click "Accept or Decline"
  1. Accept is chosen by default.
  2. Clicking Decline will open a text box to allow you to type in a Reason for your Team Leader.
  3. Click Submit, which will confirm those two positions and send the Replies To Person an email notification.

Multiple Teams

It's better to use the Split Team feature, but if you've tried it and need to be able to treat each team more independently than Split Teams allow, you can set them up as separate teams then assign each team to the correct times.

1. Create New Teams

To access Teams page, click the gear in the Teams section on a plan.

Once inside a plan, hover over 'People' and click on the gear icon

Instead of creating one team and setting it up as a Split Team, you'll need to create completely separate Teams.

2. Assign the Teams to Times

Once your team is created, click on a Service Time in the sidebar.

Then click on each time under the Times box.

Set up the time so that the correct teams are assigned to it.

Click the check mark to uncheck the Teams that don't apply to this time.
  1. Uncheck the boxes to unassign the wrong teams from this time.
  2. Set automated reminder emails if you want to remind people before the service.
  3. If you have plans that occur after this one, make sure that you check the box next to Update This Time In Future Plans, so all of your plans are updated with this new information.
  4. If you've already scheduled people to this plan, check the box next to Update Existing Scheduled People, so their schedules are updated.

Once you've set the other information, click Accept to save it.

If you have Split Teams in this Service Type, your Split Teams will always be checked and will show the selected time next to the team name.

When people are scheduled, the appropriate times will be reflected automatically, cutting down on conflicts and allowing for better communication between the scheduled person and the scheduler.

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