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Service Type defaults are suitable for most Service Types, but administrators can change the note categories, add files, change permissions, or adjust public views from the Service Types Settings.

To edit the Service Type Settings, select the gear icon and then choose Settings.


This page includes all the information about the Service Type, and any change to this page affects all the plans within the Service Type.

Select the pencil to edit the Service Type name.



Set the Service Type frequency, choose folder location, and enable or disable file tags.


Most services are weekly, but you can choose from the other frequency options. One-time special events can be set to None.

Item Row Colors

You can set up custom item row colors for specific plan item types, which will apply to all plans in the Service Type.

item row colors.png

After item row colors are set in the Service Types setting, they must be enabled in a plan for you to see them.


If you have files that you want everyone scheduled to the plans in the Service Type to access, select Add to upload or link the files to the Service Type.


The added files are available in the Attachments section at the bottom left of every plan in the Service Type.

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Notes are used in plans to communicate information to your teams. You can attach them to items or the whole plan.

Item Notes

Item notes are used to communicate about a specific item in the worship order. Add and delete note categories or drag them to rearrange the order. If you have categories that aren't used often, drag them to the Occasionally Used category to hide them when they don't have any content.


Plan Notes

Plan notes can be assigned to specific teams so that, by default, they are visible to that team. Add and assign these categories by selecting the Add button.



You can view all assigned and unassigned notes in the plan on Services.


Choose who can control Services LIVE.


Only editors and administrators can control LIVE by default, but you can select Add to add other people's names to which you want to give control.

Public View

Control what people see from publicly shared plans by unchecking the options you want to hide. Anyone can view public plans even if they don't have a Planning Center login.

public view.png


You can schedule your public view to automatically go live in Church Center each week by enabling the toggle at the top.

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