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A Service Type is a way to organize related plans and is most commonly used for things like Sunday Services, Children's Ministry, or Main Campus. The settings allow you to customize the note categories, attachments, permissions, files, and public views.

To edit a Service Type, click the gear icon, and then choose Settings.

Only Administrators can make changes to these Settings, but Schedulers and Editors can view the Settings. They won't have the option to make any changes.

The default Settings work for most Service Types, but if your plans will be different than a weekly service, or you'd like others to be able to control LIVE, you can make those adjustments.

1. Options

The basic information for the Service Type is listed in this section.

  1. Most services are weekly, but Special Events can also be set to None in order to select a new date each time, or you can choose from the other frequency options depending on when you want a new plan date when it's added.
  2. Choose the folder this Service Type belongs to. If you have multiple campuses or departments, folders help keep them organized.
  3. Attachment Types are an advanced feature deciding who can see which files. If you have lots of attachments in your plans, Attachment Types help organize them.
    If you enable Attachment Types, make sure files and positions are set up correctly, or your people might not be able to see files.
2. Notes

Item and plan notes are used within plans to add any additional information, so people can see them at a glance.


Add, edit, or delete categories and even hide item note categories in a plan if they have no information listed in them.

3. Permissions

Choose which users can comment on items or control Services LIVE.


For Item Comments, select the minimum permission allowed to make comments.

For LIVE, only Editors and Administrators can control it by default, so you can add others with lower permissions to be able to control LIVE by selecting Add and typing the name of the person who will have control. All scheduled people will be able to access LIVE and make comments.

4. Public View

Control what people see from Publicly Shared Plans by unchecking the options you want to hide.

Public View

Public plans can be viewed by anyone, even if they don't have a Planning Center login.

5. Files

Some Service Types have files they want everyone scheduled to the plans in the Service Type to be able to access. Upload or link files or search YouTube or Vimeo to find video files.


Once you add those files, they'll be available in the Attachments section at the bottom left of every plan in this Service Type as well as the Service Type Attachments section. 

Once you've adjusted your settings, select the appropriate tab to manage teams, templates, or run reports for this Service Type, and then go back to the plan in this Service Type by hovering over Plans and selecting the one you want to view.

If you have multiple Service Types, you can use folders to organize them!

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