Edit a Service Type

A Service Type contains related plans and is most commonly used for a weekly service. An Administrator can edit each setting or delete the Service Type entirely. If a Service Type is mistakenly deleted, an Organization Administrator can recover it within seven days of its deletion.

To edit a Service Type, hover over the name and select the pencil icon.

Service Type Settings on Dashboard

You can also edit the Service Type from any plan by selecting the gear on the same line as the Service Type name.

Service Type Settings on plan page

Edit Service Type Settings

Each Service Type has its own settings related to the plans within that Service Type. Select a tab to learn how to set the information in that tab.

From any tab, change the name of the Service Type by typing in the Service Title box or Delete the Service Type entirely.


The basic information for the Service Type is listed in this tab.

Setup Tab
  1. Choose the folder this Service Type belongs to. If you have multiple campuses or departments, folders help keep them organized.
  2. The frequency is for how often to set plans. Most frequencies are set to Weekly, as most services are weekly, but Special Events can also be set to None in order to select a new date each time.
  3. Attachment Types are an advanced feature deciding who can see which files. If you have lots of attachments in your plans, Attachment Types help organize them.
Times & Dates

Choose which date you see when scheduling people. Auto-scheduling uses this option to determine the best person for any position.

Times and Dates Tab

Choose which users can comment on items by selecting the minimum permissions allowed.

Permissions Tab
Background Checks

Some teams require Background Checks in order to be scheduled. If this Service Type requires all teams to have Background Checks, you can specify it here instead of for each individual team.

Background Checks tab
  •  If only specific teams require a background check, but not all of them, the default option might be best. 
  • If you have Schedulers or Editors that might make new Teams in the future, and you want to ensure these new teams require a background check, select this option. An Administrator can still manually disable this requirement for new teams, but it will be on by default.

  • If you want to make sure every team in this Service Type requires a Background Check, with NO exceptions, choose this option. Not even Administrators will be able to disable the requirement for Teams in this Service Type.

If you change this option to All Teams, saving your changes enables the requirement for each Team. If you change your mind, you'll  have to disable the requirement for each Team individually.


Choose how many plans to load in the Matrix. This will be the default, but you can change it manually before and after loading the Matrix as well.

Matrix Tab

Add any of the additional people who will have permission to run Services LIVE. All scheduled people will be able to access and comment, but only those you add, with the exception of Editors and Administrators, will be allowed to move back and forth between items.

Public View

Control what people see from Publicly Shared Plans by unchecking the options you want to hide.

Public View Tab
Delete a Service Type

To delete a Service Type, select Delete in the bottom left of the Settings.

Delete button

Verify you want to delete all the plans in the Service Type. No history will be saved after seven days has passed.

Deletion verification

If you choose Yes, delete it!, it will be moved to Deleted Service Types in the Site Settings and can be recovered within seven days by an Organization Administrator.

Once you're finished making changes, select Accept to be taken back to the plans page or plan itself.

Recover a Deleted Service Type

If a Service Type is mistakenly deleted, an Organization Administrator can recover it from the Site Settings within seven days of deletion.

Select your name then select the gear next to the church name.

If you do not see the gear next to the church name, you're not an Organization Administrator and will not be able to recover the Service Type. Go to ___ to see who your Organization Administrators are and contact one of them to recover the Service Type.

Scroll to the bottom of the sidebar and select undelete next to the Service Type you'd like to recover.

Undelete Service Type

If no Service Types are listed under Delete Service Types, the Service Type was deleted more than seven days ago and cannot be recovered.

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