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You can customize the Service Type note categories, attachments, permissions, files, and public views from the Service Types Settings tab.

To edit Service Type Settings, click the gear icon, and then choose Settings.

Only Administrators can make changes to these Settings, but Schedulers and Editors can view the Settings.


Set the Service Type frequency or folder location, and enable or disable Attachment Types.

  1. Most services are weekly, but you can choose from the other frequency options. One-time special events can be set to None.
  2. Choose the folder this Service Type belongs to.
  3. Attachment Types are an advanced feature that determines who can see which files.
    If you enable Attachment Types, make sure files and positions are set up correctly, or your people might not be able to see files.


Item and plan notes are used within plans to add additional information that people can see at a glance.

Add and delete note categories or drag them to rearrange the order. If you have categories that aren't used very often, you can drag them to the Occasionally Used category to hide them when they don't have any content.



Choose which users can comment on items or control Services LIVE.

  1. Select the minimum permission allowed to make comments.
  2. Only Editors and Administrators can control LIVE by default, but you can click Add to add the names of other people that you want to give control to.

Public View

Control what people see from Publicly Shared Plans by unchecking the options you want to hide. Public plans can be viewed by anyone, even if they don't have a Planning Center login.

Public View


If you have files that you want everyone scheduled to the plans in the Service Type to access, click Add to upload or link the files to the Service Type.


Once you add those files, they'll be available in the Attachments section at the bottom left of every plan in this Service Type.

Once you've adjusted your settings, go back to the plan in this Service Type by hovering over Plans and selecting the one you want to view.

If you have multiple Service Types, you can use folders to organize them!

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