Create a New Service Type

When you first sign up for Services, you're prompted to create a Service Type. If you need more Service Types later, you can add them and customize them to fit your church.

Some older pricing packages limit the amount of Service Types you're allowed to have. Your Organization Administrator can let you know how many you're allowed to create. If you try to create more than the allotted amount, you'll be prompted to upgrade your application.

From the Plans tab, hover over Service Type and choose Create a new service type.

Only Administrators have the option to add new Service Types and Folders.

Name your Service Type according to the plans you'll add to that Service Type then select any Default Teams we've created for you.

The Default Teams are some of the most frequently used teams and positions. If you select add any of these, you can edit or delete any that aren't exactly what you need.

Select Accept to add the Service Type to your account and be taken to the first plan, where you can add the first time.

Now that you've created the Service Type, you can edit the settings of that Service Type or add more information to your Plan.

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