Set Up the Order of Service

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Create the order of service for your plan, including items, songs, and media, along with organizational titles and headers.

Add Elements to the Plan

Add service elements, and attach information from your account to the plan items so that team members can access them to use at each service.

sample plan
  1. Headers divide your plan into different sections.
  2. Items are service elements such as announcements, baby dedications, and sermons.
  3. Song items include songs that are linked from your Song library.
  4. Media items include media that is linked from your Media library.

When you link to Songs or Media, all files attached to that Song or Media item are then available in the plan. Brand new accounts will have no songs or media in the database, so you'll need to add songs or add media to your library before you can add them to your plans.

To add a header or item, hover over add an item in a plan, and click one of the options.

add items

Type i to use the keyboard shortcut to add an item.

If you add a song or media, you'll first choose your specific song or media. Once it's chosen, it's linked to your new item, which can be edited like any other item.

Add Item Details
  1. Type in the title of your item.
  2. Enter the item length in minutes and seconds this item will take, and then choose if it's going to take place during, before, or after the service. Items that are pre- or post- service will not be included in your total service length.
  3. Enter a brief description of the item that will appear on the Plan page. 
  4. Click to add longer, more detailed information or use rich text formatting to change fonts, colors or text size and formatting. You can choose to display this text when printing out a plan report.
  5. You can add any specific notes in categories and edit the categories as needed.
  6. Link to a song or media.

If you add a song and you have CCLI Reporting enabled, make sure to record your song usage.

Click Accept when you're done with this item to add it to the plan.

Edit or Add Attachments to Items

Make sure that people in the plan have access to the attachments they may need by adding attachments to the items.

Song Files

To change which files are available for songs, you need to edit the song in your song library. Hover over the song and click the song icon.

Edit song/media

Update the files within the song arrangement. Any updates that you make to the arrangment will be reflected in the plan.

Other Files

If the item is not a song or media item, and you want to add an attachment, hover over the gray box, and click add an attachment.

Hover over the attachments counter to the right of any regular item and click add an attachment

Add the Series Title and Artwork

Series titles and artwork can help to identify groups of similar plans.

completed series info

Add the artwork and titles to the top of the plan.

add series and plan title
  1. If you have art that goes with the series, click Add Art, and then upload the file to the plan.
  2. Click to enter the title of the series. If you've already added artwork to a previous plan in this series, it will appear when you start typing in the series title.
  3. Click to enter the unique title for this plan.

Once you type enter, the titles are saved.

Other plans with the same series will show the artwork on the main Plans page, so that you can see at-a-glance which series the plans are in.

And is linked with all other plans that have the same series title.

Rearrange Items

Once the items are added, you can move them around in the plan by selecting and dragging them.

rearranging items

Now that the order of service is set, you can add times and schedule your people to the plan.

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