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Create your order of service, complete with the current series and informationa about each element of the service. Follow the steps to set up your full order of service to look something like this:

Order of Service section

Add the Series Title & Artwork

At the top of the plan, tap/click to enter the title of the series as well as the title of this week's plan.

add series and plan title

Once you type enter, the titles are saved.

If you have art that goes with the series, select Add Art to upload it to the plan. When other plans add this series as a title, the artwork will carry over as well.

Click Choose File to add an image.

Select Accept to add the art to the series.

Artwork is added to your individual plan...

When you add the series to a new plan, the artwork is automatically populated for the new series.

search the artwork

Other plans with the same series will show the artwork on the main Plans page, so you can see at-a-glance which series the plans are in.

And is linked with all other plans that have the same series title.

Add Elements to the Plan

Select add an item to create your first element of your plan.

add items

Type i to use the keyboard shortcut to add an item.

Enter the information about the item you're adding to the plan.

add an item
  1. Type the title of the element that's happening in the service, enter the number of minutes and seconds this item will take, then choose if it's going to take place During Service or Pre/Post Service.
    Items that are pre or post service will not be included in your total service length.
  2. Enter a line or a sentence explaining the element. If you have longer, more detailed information, or want to change fonts, colors, text-size, or formatting, select edit.
  3. Add any specific notes to the categories.
  4. If you're using a specific song or media during this element, select link a song or link media, which will take you to the song or media sections to choose.

Select Accept when you've entered all the information to the item.

If you want to separate your items, use the convert to header feature, which just shows a new section of service.

Add Attachments to Items

Once you've added many items, add attachments to them in the plan for your people to access.

Hover over the gray box and select add an attachment.

Hover over the attachments counter to the right of any regular item and click add an attachment

If a gray box has a number in it, attachments are already added to that item. To add more attachments to a song or media item, go to the song or media.

Rearrange Items

Once the items are added, you can move them around in the plan by selecting and dragging them.

Now that the Order of Service is set, schedule your people to the plan.

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