Set Up the Order of Service

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Set up your plan with the order of service, including songs and media that people can access from the plan.

Brand new accounts will have no songs or media in the database, so you'll need to add songs or add media to your library before you can add them to your plans.

Check out the video below, and then read the rest of the article to learn about setting up the order of service.

Completed Plan Example

When you are finished adding all your items to the plan, it should look similar to the example below.

  1. Headers divide your plan into different sections.
  2. Song items include songs that are linked from your Song library.
  3. Items are service elements such as announcements, baby dedications, and sermons.
  4. Media items include media that is linked from your Media library.

The screenshots and instructions in this document apply to the new Plans page.

Add an Item to a Plan

To add an item to the service order, click Add to show the menu.

You can drag the item to the service order before adding the item details.

drag item to service order before adding details

After adding an item to the service order, click it to add details or search for a specific song or media item.

Type i, h, s, or m, to use the keyboard shortcuts for adding items, headers, songs, or media.

You can also drag an item and drop it where you want it to be in the service.

drag item to service order after adding details

Newly created items that haven't been placed in a service order will be at the bottom of the plan, and you can move them to where you want them to be in the service order.

Rearrange Items

Once the items are added, you can move them around in the plan by selecting and dragging them.

rearranging items

Now that the order of service is set, you can add a series title and art,  add times, and schedule your people to the plan.

Clear the Order of Service

Administrators can remove all items within a plan's order of service including headers, items, songs, and media.

Click the dropdown in the upper-right corner of a plan, select Clear Order, and then confirm the deletion.

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