Adding and Editing Teams

In this lesson you will learn how to add new Teams, edit the name of a Team, set options for what scheduled viewers in this Team can see, change the default status, change what responses you receive and who receives them, and set up stage layout options. Teams are super configurable! Here's how:

Go into a Plan

Go into a Plan

Click on the Gear Icon

Hover your mouse over the 'People bar on the left, and click on the gear icon.

Add, Edit, or Copy a Team

Click to Add, Edit or Copy a Team
  1. Hover over an existing team: the three icons allow you to email, edit, or delete the team.
  2. Click 'add a new team' at the bottom to create a new team.
  3. Click 'copy a team' to duplicate an existing team and retain all its settings and positions
  4. Click on any 'Position' within the team to edit that position.

Name your Team and Choose Setup Options.

Enter the title of the Team and Setup options
Team Leaders
Team Leaders Tab
  1. Search for the Team Leader and select them to add them.
  2. Hover over any existing Team Leader and click the red minus to unassign them.
  3. Choose whether each leader should receive an email when their people accept, decline, or block out dates. In this screenshot, Clay gets emails when his people accept, decline, or block out dates; Reagan assumes most people will accept, so he only wants to receive emails when people decline; Nick is technically a leader of the team, but he doesn't actively schedule people, so he doesn't receive emails for any. However, when filtering to show Team Leaders in other parts of Planning Center, Nick will show up, since he is technically in charge of that team.
  4. If you add a Team Leader, and their permission is less than a Scheduler, they will be promoted to a Scheduler for that Service Type only. Since Team Leaders can receive Decline emails with the option to reschedule people, they need to be a Scheduler.
    t is still possible to go to their profile afterwards and downgrade their permission back to Viewer or Scheduled Viewer, but if they try to reschedule from a decline email it will give them a permission error.
Defaults & Replies
Defaults & Replies Tab

When you scheduled a person, their replies need to go to someone. You can choose who those replies can go to.

  1. Status - When you schedule new people in this team, they will have this status by default.
  2. Prepare Notification - If you don't want people in this team to default to having an email notification prepared, uncheck this. Generally, you will leave it checked to remind you to notify those people that they've been scheduled.
  3. Send Replies To - To set the Team Leader who will receive all responses for this Team, choose them from this list. You can also set this person to be the Current Scheduler, the person who placed them on the schedule from a Template or a Plan, or All Team Leaders listed in the Team Leaders tab, depending on who you'd like to receive replies.
    If you'd like to update the "Replies To" person for all people you've already scheduled, check "Update future schedules."
  4. Send Replies For - This setting is only available when Current Scheduler is chosen as the Reply To person and is not a Team Leader; otherwise, you can't choose these options since you set them for each person individually on the Team Leaders tab.
Time & Dates
Time & Dates Tab
  • Same as Service Type - Uses the setting from the Service Type options
    This allows you to change a setting from your Service Type and have it apply to many teams at once.
  • Last Used Anywhere (All Service Types) - Shows the last time that they have been scheduled for any of the Plans in the account
  • Last Used in [folder name] - Shows the last time that they have been scheduled to any Plan from this folder
  • Last Used in this Service Type - Shows the last time that they have been scheduled in this particular Service Type
  • Last Used in this Team - Shows the last time they have been scheduled in this particular Team
  • Last Used in this Position - Shows the last time they have been scheduled in this particular Position

The Last Scheduled Date that appears on the People Page, the People Sidebar, and the Matrix will reflect the last time that person has been scheduled for any Service Type in the account.

Permissions Tab

General Permissions are already set for users; however, you can add limits to Scheduled Viewers within a team: they can see the full plan, song list, or schedule only. When set to schedule only, they can only get to the dashboard and can't click to view the plan.

Signup Sheets Tab
Signup Sheets Tab

If you don't want to have to enable signup sheets manually for every plan, you can check this box (1) to enable it by default.
If you check this box but don't already have a default "replies to" person for this team, you will be set as the default "replies to" person. This ensures that if people sign up and then later need to decline, someone is notified about it.

Stage Layouts
Stage Layouts Tab

If you want this team to be included in your stage layouts, you'll need to choose either Name or Initials to be shown on that layout and then choose the color of the team.

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