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Stage Layouts allow you to make a diagram of where different people should be on your stage. People with Editor permissions can edit Stage Layouts. Services Administrators can create new layouts as well.

Set Up Stage Layouts


Before setting up your stage layout, schedule people to the plan that you are creating the layout for.

To create stage layouts, click Add in the Files section of a plan.


Go to the Stage Layout tab to create your layout from one of the available templates or create a new template.

modal_files_stage layout.jpg

Create Your Own Template

In the Stage Layout tab, click New Template.

new template_arrow.jpg

Name your template, choose a file to import, and then click Add Template.

add template_arrow.png

Once the image is uploaded, the new template will show in the list of templates, and you can use it to create a new layout.

Create a New Layout

Select an existing template.

modal_files_stage layout.jpg

Click the pencil to rename the layout.

edit title_arrow.png


If you have enabled stage layouts in the Team Settings, and those teams are scheduled to the plan, those teams will already be displayed on the left panel People tab.

To add new teams to the stage layout, go to the People tab, and click Add Team.

add team_arrow.png

The teams that are scheduled to the plan are shown in the dropdown. Choose the teams that you want to add to the stage layout.

search teams.png


If you don't see teams or people you'd like to add to the layout, make sure that the teams and people are scheduled to the plan.

To hide a team that you don't want to show on the layout, click the dropdown next to the team and click Hide Team.

hide team_arrow.png

In the People tab, click team members to add them to the plan.

add positions to layout.gif

Drag-and-drop team members to position them on the stage layout.

move positions on layout.gif

From the Objects tab, you can drag-and-drop instruments and gear, and then position them on the layout.

add objects to layout.gif

Edit People or Object Labels

You can change the color or label type from the drop down in the top right corner of each team.

change team color.png

You can also change Object colors.

change name.png

After a team member has been moved to the layout, click on the person to change the color or type of label or remove the person from the layout.

change object color.png

After an object has been moved to the layout, click the object to change the color, size, or rotation of the object or remove the object from the layout.

adjust object.png


Clicking the trash can for an individual or object moves their label back to the left panel. It doesn't completely delete them from the layout.

Edit or Delete a Stage Layout

To edit or delete a stage layout from the Files section, hover over the stage layout, and then click the pencil to edit it or the minus to delete it.


Stage Layouts cannot be recovered once deleted.

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