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Stage layouts allow you to make a diagram of where people and items should be on your stage. These layouts can be shared across all service types so that any plan can use the same layout with different elements.


General administrators can create new layouts, and folder admins and editors can edit them.

To create a stage layout, select Add in the Files section of a plan.


Create Layout Templates

Create a template to match the stage or room, starting with a picture or drawing of the space.

Select New Template.

add template_arrow.png

Name the template, import a file, and select Add Template.


Use the Image Sizing Guide to upload the right size and file type.

Once the image is uploaded, the new template will show in the list of templates, and you can use it to create a new layout.

Create a New Layout

Add elements to the layout so your teams know where each element belongs.

Select an existing template.

modal_files_stage layout.jpg

To add new teams to the stage layout, go to the People tab and select Add Team.

add team_arrow.png

The dropdown shows teams that are already scheduled to the plan. Choose the ones to add to the stage layout.

search teams.png

Add People to the Layout

In the People tab, select team members to add them to the layout.

add positions to layout.gif

Drag team members to position them on the layout.

move positions on layout.gif

Hide a Team

To hide a team you never want to show on the layout, choose the dropdown next to the team and select Hide Team.

hide team_arrow.png

Add Objects to the Layout

From the Objects tab, you can drag and drop instruments and gear and then position them on the layout.

add objects to layout.gif

Edit People or Object Labels

You can change the color or label type from the dropdown in the top right corner.

change team color.png
change object color.png

Select the element to make changes to it.

change name.png
adjust object.png


The trash can returns the element to the left panel.

Edit or Delete a Stage Layout

To edit or delete a stage layout from the Files section, hover over the stage layout and select the pencil to edit it or the minus to delete it.


Stage layouts cannot be recovered once deleted.

edit file_arrow.jpg
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