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Stage Layouts allow you to make a diagram of where different people should be on your stage. Schedule people to your plan, choose a background image for your layout template and then drag people onto the stage to place them. 

Before setting up your stage layout, schedule people to the plan that you are creating the layout for.

Set Up Display Options

Set up customizations for your stage layouts from the team settings.

  1. Select what you'd like to show as the placeholder for each team member: name, small name, or initials.
  2. Choose the color this team will be listed as on the stage layout.

When you create a stage layout, the assigned teams are shown at the bottom of the layout.

  1. The band just has the initials of the scheduled people.
  2. The worship team shows a larger first name and initial, along with the position they are assigned to.
  3. The choir has a small first name and initial of scheduled people, along with their position.

Access Stage Layouts

To view stage layouts, click add attachment in the Attachments section of a plan.

Stage Layout feature is found in each Plan.

Go to the Stage Layout tab to create your layout from one of the available templates.

A template is a picture or diagram of the stage you'll be using. Stage layouts can be created from templates provided on your account or added by you.

Create your own template or use an existing template to create a layout.

Create Your Own Template

In the Stage Layout tab, click New Template.

Name your template, choose a file to import, and then click Add Template.

Once the image is uploaded, the new template will show in the list of templates, and you can use it to create a new layout.

Create a New Layout

Select an existing template.

If you don't see people you'd like to add to the layout, make sure stage layouts are enabled in Team Settings, and people are scheduled to the plan.

Name the layout, drag and drop scheduled team members onto the layout, and then click Accept to add it to the plan attachments.

Begin dragging and dropping your people.

Edit or Delete a Stage Layout

To edit or delete a stage layout from the Attachments section, hover over the stage layout, and then click the pencil to edit it or the minus to delete it.

Stage Layouts cannot be recovered once deleted.

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