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Create placeholders for people to stand when they're on stage. Each team can even be in a different color.

Before you create stage layouts, select customizations from the team settings.

  1. Select what you'd like to show as the placeholder for each team member: name, small name, or initials.
  2. Choose the color this team will be listed as on the stage layout.

Once you've customized the teams stage layout format, go back to the Plans page and select stage layout under the Teams section.

Stage Layout feature is found in each Plan.

Select a template or create your own template to place team members on.

Choose which stage layout you'd like.
Create a Template

If you want to upload your own template, select the link on the page where you choose a stage layout.

Choose which stage layout you'd like.

Select create a new template to import a picture.

create new template

Name your template then choose a file to import. Once it's uploaded, it will show in the list of templates to choose when creating a layout.

Import your stage layout picture.

Choose a .png or .jpg file no larger than 1000px by 1000px.

Previews of Other Layouts

Stage Layout

stage layout

Grid Layout

grid layout

Picture Layout

Name the layout, drag and drop scheduled team members onto the template, and then select Accept to add it to the plan attachments.

Begin dragging and dropping your people.

Delete a Stage Layout

If you need to delete the stage layout from your plan, select stage layout under the Teams section.

select stage layout from plans

Selecting the stage layout from the Attachments section will download the layout.

Select view all layouts to be taken to a list of created layouts.

view all layouts

Delete the layout by selecting the red minus sign next to the layout you want to delete.

Deleting layouts you've added.

Stage Layouts cannot be recovered once deleted.

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