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Create a report of all of the songs or people who have been scheduled to a Service Type or a report of the lengths of previous services.

To access reports, click Reports from the gear menu in a Service Type.

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In the Service Type Reports tab, use the dropdown to choose the time frame of each report, and then choose the type of report you want to view.



If a report isn't loading, narrow your date range to a shorter amount of time.

People Report

View people who have been scheduled to plans based on the time frame selected as well as the team.

  1. The report will show My Teams by default, but you can choose a team to narrow down the people listed in the report.

  2. Graph of the percentage of people who confirmed, denied, or didn't respond to scheduling requests.

  3. View individual information, such as a person scheduled for the first time, and the dates they were scheduled for. If people are scheduled for multiple positions in a single plan, their statuses for the positions will be stacked.

  4. View the stats for people scheduled: total number, number of new people, and average number per plan.

  5. Print or download a CSV file of the report.

  6. Choose to view plan status, attendance, or both.


Select a column to sort by that column

Songs Report

View the songs scheduled over the time frame selected.

  1. View song stats: total songs scheduled, new songs scheduled, and average number songs scheduled per plan.

  2. View individual song information, such as a song scheduled for the first time in this Service Type and the plan dates of the scheduled song.

  3. Print the report.

  4. Download a CSV file of the report.

Service Length Report

If you use Services LIVE, view how well you're tracking and staying on pace with your planned item lengths.

Service Length_numbered.jpg
  1. View the average service length stats for the selected timeframe: planned service length, actual service length, and the difference between planned and actual times. The number for the average difference will be green if it's under the planned length and red if it's over.

  2. Hover over individual plans to see how far off the planned length times were from the LIVE times if LIVE was used during the service.

  3. Print the report.

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