Streaming and Downloading Songs in a Plan

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You can stream songs using the media player and download songs attachments from a plan.

In a plan with song items, hover over rehearse and click Media Player.

The media player opens to the right of the plan and starts playing the first song in the service order.

  1. When videos are played, they show up at the top of the panel.
  2. Toggle the button green to access the audio controls.
  3. Play the media, or skip to the previous or next media item in the service order.
  4. Toggle the button green to loop the media that's currently playing.
  5. Pop out the media to an external player.
  6. Download the media.

To close the Media Player, click the x in the top right corner.

To download an .mp3 file from a plan, hover over gray number that shows the number of attachments for the song, and then hover over the .mp3 file that you want to download and click the download icon.

To Access Individual Files:
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