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We provide common reports, but if you want different data or layouts, you'll need to create a Custom Report. For a fully customized report, you'll need a good knowledge of HTML, CSS, and some basic programming knowledge. However, we have many sample reports that most anyone can customize fairly easily using the QUICK CUSTOMIZATION section at the top of the report code.

Check out this video for more information or follow the steps below.

Click edit custom reports from any print page or go to

Only Administrators can edit custom reports.

edit custom reports

Choose Your Report Type

There are several different reports that you can create:

  • Plan Reports can be printed from any plan using the information available in that plan.
  • Matrix Reports can be printed from the Matrix using information available in any plans loaded in that Matrix view.
  • People Reports can be printed from the main People tab using most of the information available on each person's profile.

Select create a report under the type of report you want to create.

create a report

Name your report and choose the type of Template you'd like to use to start your report.

name report

The template options change based on the type of report you choose to create.

Create Your Report

Edit options in the QUICK CUSTOMIZATION section.

Edit options in the QUICK CUSTOMIZATION section

Choose what to print or exclude using true or false.

Choose what to print or exclude using true and false

At the top of this report, you can see that it will not print Plan Notes because it is set to false. If you'd like to print Plan Notes, just change false to true.

Set Categories to Print

Set Categories to Print

By default, when you set a section to print, it will print all of that section, like people. If you don't want to print all people, or you want to print all people but in a different order, then set assign all_categories to false.

Indicate below which categories you want to print in the correct order. If all_categories is set to true, then your category names and order in the report will be ignored.

Enter your categories names EXACTLY like they are titled in your plans including capitalization and spacing. If your category names aren't exact, they won't print.

Save your changes

Select Save Changes at the bottom of the window to save your report.

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